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Mobile Podiatrists of Tampa Florida - the leading provider of mobile  podiatry home visits and house calls.

Mobile Podiatrist Home Visits in Pinellas Park

Podiatry House Calls in Pinellas Park, Florida


Now you can enjoy the convenience of having a board certified Podiatrist (foot and ankle surgeon) come to your house or senior living facility to perform foot care in the comfort of your own home. Our doctors bring the office to you. And we have medical staff in the office to help schedule and coordinate your appointments, care plan, and follow up. Certain conditions do apply to be covered for home care. Patients must be considered "home-bound" in order for insurance companies to cover the visit. Simply put, there must be some medical condition(s) that makes it very difficult or taxing to go out to an office in person. In most cases, if you live at home and have been qualified for Home Health Care to be seen by a nurse or physical therapist, then you should also qualify for podiatry services in the home.


Routine foot care usually consists of trimming toenails and painful calluses. These services are procedures that are performed by our specialists and are billable to insurance provided that you qualify either by having certain medical conditions, or have certain signs and symptoms during your exam, that would put you at risk for having your nails and calluses treated by a non-professional. These qualifying medical diagnoses and signs and symptoms are determined by our physicians at the time of your appointment.


As per Medicare guidelines, routine foot care is covered for qualified patients every 61 days. Therefore, our routine appointments are usually scheduled after 61 days. All other services for other conditions, such as pain, wounds, injuries, or any other dermatologic, orthopedic, biomechanical, vascular, or neurological conditions do not have to wait 61 days, as there is no set limit to how often you can be seen for these conditions.


If you feel that you cannot wait 61 days for your next appointment for treatment consisting of trimming of toenails and/or calluses, possibly due to pain or difficulty walking, those services cannot be billed, but our providers can still treat you and we would offer our self pay fee for the non-covered services. Our non-covered nails and callus treatment fee for established patients is $250, which is very competitive in this area, and well below our new patient self pay fee.

For information on our other services besides routine foot care, and information on telemedicine visits, please click here.

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