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To schedule a Home Visit appointment with one of our dedicated Podiatrists near Tampa please call 561-293-3439.

Mobile Podiatry Services in Tampa:

Foot Doctor Home Visits

Foot Doctor House Calls in Tampa

Our diverse team of professionals perform home visits for residents of Tampa and surrounding southwest Florida areas. We perform routine foot care and many other services.

Routine foot care typically consists of toenail trimming and callus treatment. Some individuals have difficulty performing self care or have certain medical conditions that could make it dangerous for them or a non-professional to attempt self care. Calluses on the toes and feet are often found to become painful and need professional treatment as well. To learn more about coverage for these services please click here.

In many instances toenails can have problems such as nail fungus, ingrowing nail borders, trauma, infections, splitting, psoriasis, or just pain from the thickness of the nail. Routine maintenance can be performed as well as nail procedures like partial or total nail removal; and nail or skin biopsies when deemed necessary. Sometimes your podiatrist may decide to write a prescription.

​Our providers perform a thorough history and problem-focused physical exam and routinely perform diagnostic testing including vascular screening and pathology testing to not only "just cut toenails" like some other providers; but to ensure that your treatment will be covered by insurance, and to prevent complications from systemic diseases and conditions that can affect the foot, such as diabetes, neuropathy, and peripheral arterial disease, to name a few.

Nursing Home and Senior Living Facility Visits

Our podiatrists frequently perform mobile visits at Nursing Homes, Rehab facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living Facilities, and Senior Living Communities throughout Florida. If you or your family member is a resident at a senior care facility and need mobile podiatry care please call our office to make an appointment. In some cases, Nursing and Rehab Facilities may need to give us permission to enter the facility, while most residents at Assisted Living and Independent Living can choose their providers.

If you are an administrator at a Nursing or Senior Living facility and are interested in more information or need to inquire about adding our Podiatry Services at your facility please call 561-293-3439 or email us at

Wound Care Services

We have board-certified and fellowship trained physicians and surgeons that specialize in conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower leg and we routinely perform wound evaluations and order home health care nursing visits. Some of our doctors have additional certification in wound care. We also have a dual-degreed DPM/MD physician that specializes in wound care and can evaluate wounds in the Tampa area in person or via telemedicine throughout the state of Florida.

If you are Home Health Care provider or HHC company and need wound consultations please call 561-293-3439 or email us at

TeleMedicine Services

Our providers can perform video Telemedicine Visits via private online platforms for patients that cannot go to an office, and need a prompt consultation, or frequent follow ups between home visits. Telemedicine visits are covered by insurance.

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